Fitness Equipment Package 58 Pieces - Lot #3

$2,050.00 (CAD)

Fitness Equipment Package 58 Pieces. 9 x Hands Free Tapping Massager (easy use control panel, 8 different intensity levels, soothing heat therapy, 41 unique rhythmic massage cycles). 6 x Brite Morning Walkers (this Machine primarily maximizes both physical and mental oxygenation, increases your energy, aligns your spine, raises your metabolic rate, improves your blood circulation and enables detoxification. This aerobic exerciser also massages, regulates, tones and relaxes the body without any stress or effort. It features a unique elliptical motion pattern that gently moves through the spine). 7 x Smarter heaters Heat Smart heaters “double heat” with a patented convection heating
“chamber within a chamber.” No other infrared heater has it!,The Opti-SwitchTM gives you two power settings for heating different size areas. Saves energy and money. Intake and output grills are 30% larger than any other heater on the market. More air is heated faster for less!. Our patented Gold StandardTM heating elements have nine proprietary innovations designed to keep the heating elements working) 15 Crazy Slim C5001 Jade massage belt with heating. 7 x Butterfly Crazy Slim Whole Body Vibration machines, Portable and lightweight (45 pounds. Substantial pivotal vibration. Navigated by remote control). 9 x Jake Tower 200's (Door-based home gym for working upper and lower body. Slides onto most home, office, or dorm doors within seconds. Multi-tension power cords provide 200 pounds of explosive resistance.Supports more than 200 exercises in all; durable steel frame). 4 Rolleagle Skateboards, 1 Tahne AB Doer Twist.

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